Creative Generalist

Creative Generalist is a forum for thinkers all over the world who have new ideas and want to share those ideas. Creative Generalist is founded in 2002 by Steve Hardy. This forum began as a personal blog of him, but now has been developed as a community resource. Besides being a hub for generalist ideas, news, and perspectives, one of the main goals of Creative Generalist is to introduce broad thinkers with one another.

When I open, I feel excited about what I can find there. And I am not dissapointed at all because I really found cool ideas on this website. This website has very interesting taglines. It tells us what generalists do specifically. The pictures below tell you what they do as generalists.






 Cool, isn’t it? Besides all that cool and inspiring taglines, Creative Generalist gives us more interesting informations. This website has recommendations of good books, good places to go, and another good website. Creative Generalist believe that an idea is the ring on which finely cut diamonds are placed. Ideas are the product of divergent thinking, lateral steps and questions dealing with completely unrelated notions. Seldom pure, and often appearing out of nowhere, ideas come from a kaleidoscopic grab bag of other ideas—whether ancient, recent, calculated or silly. Ideas cannot be limited to the confines of a silo. They need space to run around and occasionally bump into strangers. To do this requires guardians who are generalists.

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