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Inspiration is an abstract concept or idea. It has spiritual connotations as well as practical connotations. It is some person, event, or thing that can inspire the mind, emotions, and/or the body to a higher level of feelings or activity. You can find inspirations from anywhere. can be one of your inspiration source.

This blog is really interesting. It shows some unusual things that can inspires you to be more creative. You can find many interesting things there, such as this unique smile alarm clock. The smile alarm clock has face recognition sensors that turn off the alarm only if you give it a bright sunny smile; no half-smiles will do!


Tinsider not only shows you innovations in arts or technology, but it also shows you how advertisement can be so creative these days. This Colgate ad is one of the example. This ad is made to remind target consumers, especially kids, to take better care of their teeth after eating sweets like ice cream or lollipops. Colgate wants to tell people that you can have your sweets but don’t ever forget to brush your teeth after that. This cool ad is done by modifying the stick of ice cream or lollipops into toothbrush.


This is just two things I found interesting on Tinsiders. You can find  much more interesting photos there that can make you feel guilty for not being creative.

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