Creative Something


Creative something is one of many websites that share lots of creative inspirations and ideas. This blog was made by Tanner Christensen, a creative expert, entrepreneur, and online marketer from Salt Lake City, Utah. He started this website 4 years ago, on January 1st 2008. This website has tagline; Creative ideas and inspiration.

I really like the contents of this website. It can inspire you to be more creative. It also reminds you not to waste your ideas. You have to take your ideas and run with it. When you have an idea, big or small, and are not sure where to start on it, break it down into smaller steps and seek help whenever you feel stuck.



Besides those inspiring and useful contents, I don’t really like the appeareance of this website. The colors used there are just black, grey, and white. Those are boring colors for me. If the appeareance of the web are not good enough, people would not be interested to read those good articles. Then, this website has no “home” button. So you don’t know how to get back after exploring the web.

My opinion, if you really want to share your creative ideas and want to inspire people, you have to make it interestingn first. So that people will be interested to what you will share. This website has cool inspiring articles but can’t serve it well to the readers. Maybe he can put some pictures to make the article looks more interesting.

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