BRIGHTSPOT MARKET 2013 “A Curated Market of All Things Cool”

For the ninth time, finally Brightspot Market is back! This brand new Brightspot Market that took place at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, 14th-16th February 2013, was indeed bigger, hotter, more crowded and jam-packed with people.


There are more than 125 tenants enlivened this event. Those tenants were divided into two groups; culinary and fashion. Who are they, the fashion tenants? They weren’t only the local brands, but also international brands! Some of the brands aren’t new to the fashion market – or should I say seems familiar to me – and some of them are the brands that sounds new to me. Just make sure to keep an eye out for each tenant, they’re all offering their own uniqueness. The brands were grouped based on their product similarity, so that you could more easily found what you’re looking for. These are some of the brands:


One more thing that I love from this event is that Brightspot Market wasn’t only offering products but also entertainment. There’re also DJs and live music to keep you chilled while mobbed by those shopping frenzy.




Participation of the local brands keeps increasing as the Brightspot Market flows each year. This event also helps to increase the people’s awareness of those brands especially the locals. 


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